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How to Find Your Lost Phone Using Your Google Account


So you’ve lost your phone. Don’t worry you have a chance to find your lost phone using your google account. Yes, you can find your stolen or lost phone within minutes. Always keep password or pattern lock on your phone in case of theft so no one can misuse your personal data. Now I am gonna show you the method to find your phone, so let’s get started.

How to find your lost phone

It is the best and very simple method to get back your lost or stolen phone. In every android phone, it is necessary to add a Google account. Many people forget to turn on Find My Device feature in Google account. If this feature is turned on in your phone then this the possible way to find your lost phone.

So here is how you can find your lost or stolen phone

Go to Google on other phone or on your computer then search for Find My Device and hit enter. After you hit enter a small logo of your phone and model number as shown in below image will appear in your search result.

Google will ask you to allow location services hit enter and you will see your device’s current location. If your phone is showing near you then you can hit the ring button. After you hit the ring button your phone automatically starts to ring even if it’s on silent mode. Then just hear the sound of your phone and find it. In case you are not getting your phone back, you can erase all the date to avoid misuse of it. Just hit the erase device button on the left side. The most important thing is the Internet must connect to the lost phone.

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Precautions you must take care of your phone

Always keep a password on mobile so if you lost your phone it will protect your data from strangers. Always turn on Find My Device which can save your lost phone. If you are going outside with friends or alone don’t forgot to switch on your mobile data. Because you can only trace your lost phone if mobile’s data is turned on. So this is how you can find your phone.

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