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How to Save Phone Battery


As a Mobile user, I always want my Phone battery to stay last longer a day. Now all the mobiles come up with the Non-Removable batteries. Mobile Phones are coming with Lithium Batteries which requires maintenance. Following are some tips to save phone battery.

How to save Phone Battery

1. Set Low Sleep Time

The display on your Android Phone can be set to automatically turn off after a period of inactivity, ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. In order to save battery life on Android Phone, you need to set the sleep time to a reasonably low level.

How to : Tap on Settings > Display > Sleep.

2. Set Low Brightness Level

The brighter the display on your Android Phone, the more battery it consumes. Hence, an easy way to save Battery Life on Android Phone is to simply turn down the brightness of the screen to its lowest possible level.

How to: Tap on Settings > Display > Brightness Level and set Brightness to the lowest possible level by moving the slider to the left.

3. Disable Background App Refresh

Social Media Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and many other Apps might be draining the battery on your Android Phone due to their tendency to refresh data in the background.

To save battery life, you need to disable background App refresh for all the unnecessary and unimportant apps on your Android Phone.

How to: Tap on Settings > Apps > On the Apps screen, tap on the App for which you want to disable Background App Refresh.

On the App Info screen, tap on Data Usage

On the next screen, disable the option for Background data by moving the toggle to OFF position.

Make sure that you repeat the above steps to disable all the unnecessary and unessential apps from using data in the background.

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4. Disable Auto-Sync For Email Accounts

You can expect to save a considerable amount of battery life on your Android Phone by disabling email accounts on your device from auto-syncing data.

When you disable Auto-sync for email accounts, you won’t get email notifications from Gmail and other email accounts. You have to check manually for new emails by opening the Gmail App.

How To: Tap on Settings > Accounts > On the Accounts screen, tap on 3-dots icon > Auto-Sync data > On the pop-up that appears, tap on OK to disable Auto-syncing of data for all your email Accounts.

5. Keep WiFi Turned OFF

Your Android Phone is designed to constantly look out for WiFi networks and this uses the battery on your device. Hence, turning OFF WiFi on your device, while it is not being used can save battery life.

How To: Tap on Settings > WiFi > on the WiFi Screen, disable WiFi by moving the toggle to OFF position.

So this is how you can save your phone battery and extend its life. I hope these tips will very useful for you and your valuable phone.

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